Immersion Program

3 Month Program: This is an opportunity to work with me on MASSIVE life changes!  Who do you want to be?  How can you manifest and live into this vision? Everything you ever wanted is possible.  In an intensive 3 months we work side by side.  Meeting 3x a months for 50min sessions as you work through the modules of this life changing program.

Module 1- Rewriting Your Body & Health Destiny
  • Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual & nutrition goals – specific & measurable (what gets measured, gets managed)
  • What gets left behind
  • SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. The firsts step in making your goal a REALITY
    1. Creating the roadmap- where do you want to go, where are you now and the step-by-step processes in between
    2. Metrics: clear decision-making VS Reactive (1-10), Trigger scale (work, relationships, stress, external triggers… )
    3. Rituals- (foundation)- Journaling- downloads for binder for each month
  • Creating your bigger WHY
    1. Getting somewhere you never thought possible by doing things you’ve never done before
    2. Getting outside your comfort zone
    3. What have you visualized so big that you felt was out of reach
    4. Creating a new future, a new destiny, rewriting the story of you
    5. Recording- visualizing your best self
    6. Creating your mantra. Listening to it. Feeling it. Being it
    7. What you do everyday matters more than what you do once in awhile
Module 2- Unleashing Your Nutrient-Seeker
  • Downloadable sheets- checklists for acceptable foods for different scenarios and how about medical conditions
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Getting the basics- carbs, fat, protein, how has your food been handled? Food quality and food sources
  • Journaling, watching your food intake, details matter
  • Have fun with hunting for nutrients
  • What’s in season, what’s available- keeping it simple
    1. Knowing where your food comes from.
    2. Focusing on quality.
Module 3- Permanently Shifting Habits and Behaviors
  • Smaller goals that add up- recognize the habits and behaviors that are not in alignment with the goals
  • To a place of no thought- save your neuro energy for something bigger
  • Implementing the mantra, you have built into your daily practice: Positive self-talk, meditation, voice recording, sharing with
  • Habits- self-sabotage, not in alignment, not serving, below the awareness
  • Actionable, practical, sustainable list of sustainable habits to implement, to choose from, and to implement slowly to create new habits and behaviors
  • Opening refrigerator, going out to eat, walking in the house from work→ create more grounding, not having life revolve around food and stress
  • Create a log- measure it
  • Cracking your personal code- find your own sustainability, keeping it simple, aligned with your value system
Module 4- Your Language, Self-Expression and Preparedness
  •   Communicating to others- “I don’t eat that, I don’t do that”, finding your language and self- expression (turning negative talk to positive expression)
  • Drinking tea in a restaurant
  • Always being prepared, for every scenario
  • Non-perishable consumables, taking care of yourself on a whole new level
  • Travel preparation, creating your arsenal (fats, carbs, greens, proteins)
Module 5- The Actions That Sustain the New You
  •   Enrolling people in your life to support this new version of yourself
  • Creating your community, leading the healthy conversation
  • Receiving from others
  • Comfort zone pushing activities
  • Question those around you: How are you being perceived?
Module 6- Creating the Bigness of Your Future
  • What is now possible with your new life?
  • Marathon? Week vacation?
  • Put it on the calendar
  • You’ve come this far, so now what do you want to create? What are you inviting in?
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