Paola Ramirez / Bryon Schnell

“Danielle Gordon’s personal assistance in helping my MMA & Muay Thai fighter Paola Ramirez break into a lighter weight class was a defining factor in her victories from 2015-Mid 2016. But it wasn’t just one weight class her diet and exercise routine helped Paola breach but TWO!


Paola was stuck at 145lbs and needed to make 135lbs…no prob !! Danielle to the rescue and she won titles in MMA & Muay Thai in 2015 .


Next, Paola’s pro debut in MMA 2016 she needed to get to at least 128lbs and with Danielle’s plan and Paola’s determination she Debuted at just under 129 officially.


We sought out Danielle because we heard her program works and my students championships are evidence of proper planned diet and exercise. We are continuing to work with Danielle Gordon from now on because we got results plain and simple. thanks Danielle!! “

Paola Ramirez

Paola Ramirez is the current the International Amateur Muay Thai Federation 135-pound, SoCal Regional Spar Star 135-pound and the U.S.A. MMA Federation145-pound national champion titles. After initially taking up MMA in an attempt to lose weight, Ramirez admits the sport has turned into much more than she imagined. “I was over 200 pounds and I just wanted to do something with my body,” Ramirez said. “I fell in love with it day one, and now, here I am.”

Bryon Schnell

Forty-year MMA veteran Bryon Schnell, sensei of Progressive Martial Arts in San Clemente, has seen most of what the world of mixed martial arts has to offer. Starting his school in 1996 7th Khan in Muay Thai, a 5th Degree Black Belt in Isshin Ryu Karate, a 1st degree black belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and has additional expertise in Escrima.

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