Why Hillseeker®? Why not Mountain Finder? or Peak Bagger?

Well, to us, Hillseeking® is a way of life — a way of life that goes well beyond sport, beyond mountains, beyond rising ground, rising sand, or rising water.

Hillseeker® Podcast
Hillseeking® is that moment when you see one faint trail pitch up a steep mountainside and another well-marked trail continue through the valley and your heart flutters in excitement as you absolutely can’t stand the thought of not checking out the trail up the mountain.

Jeff Grant

A Hillseeker® gets excited at the thought of going up something — less about standing on the top, but more about the thought and journey of trying to move upward through whatever challenges ‘upward’ may bring.

This is just a sports thing, right? No way. A Hillseeker® feels an magnetic pull to that challenging project at the office or in the field — the kind of project where uncertainty abounds and the path to the summit is far from clear and likely treacherous in spots.

A Hillseeker® embraces life for its challenges and feels overwhelming joy at those moments when the trail steepens.

A Hillseeker® is so incredibly alive at that moment that the uphill path is chosen and then flourishes as the challenging journey unfolds.

A Hillseeker® is a 12-year old girl practicing backwards basketball shots over and over and refusing to give up until she unlocks the secret. Hillseeking is found in a group of 7-year old boys trying time and time again to ride up a steep mound of dirt at a construction site without falling off their bikes.

A Hillseeker® is the 84-year old woman who encourages her 78-year old neighbor to walk up the path to the overlook on their Sunday morning stroll and the 92-year old man who walks two hours every day around his hilly neighborhood. A Hillseeker® is the 17-year old who decides to take AP Biology as an elective course. Hillseekers® are also runners who decide to go for their first marathon, cyclists who go for their first big ride in the mountains, and of course mountaineers who long for the climb and lure of the peaks.

Hill Training, Embracing Challenge, Endurance Racing and Coaching Tips

Join our podcast for Hill training, endurance racing and coaching tips. Lifestyle topics on embracing challenge, living a fit, healthy life and going for the hills!

The Hillseeker Podcast are available for streaming or direct download here and If you use iTunes, please subscribe directly in the iTunes store and offer a nice rating and quick review (if you enjoy the Podcast, of course!). Thanks for giving it a listen!

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AUTHOR: Danielle Gordon
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