So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart
About Me

My Biography

about-me-longI am a devoted daughter, sister, crazy auntie, mountain biker, Olympic lifter, yogi in training, adventure seeker and a chocolate connoisseur.  I have not always been all of these things.  In fact, you’ll never guess what I once was….


I am an addict.  The unhealthy choices I made as a child grew into a lifestyle led by addiction.  This would rule my world for many years to come.  I moved, adopted a nomadic pattern, morphed into a gypsy and could never run far enough away.  Where ever I went, there I was devoured by obsessions.
I knew I had to make some major changes.  But, I didn’t have the tools.  I was on a rollercoaster for years.  I would ride massive highs and experience deep dark lows.


I KNOW what it’s like to wake up feeling unworthy, dark, dirty, de-valued and un-loveable.  I NOW know what it’s like to wake up and feel like I’m on FIRE!  I will never let anyone within my reach feel anything but that fire.


about-me-long-1-2cI learned how to Design My Life!   Making a connection between all the pillars of health was THE key.  My mission in action is to move, touch, and inspire through education, involvement and commitment.  I take a holistic and integrative approach to health and life.  There are no dogmatic one size fits all programs.  We are ever changing biological beings and must be open to the changing world around and within us.


I have a unique perspective coming from an addict.  I continue to learn and strive to live in balance, because as we know, food, training and structured perfection, and discipline are measures of addiction too.


about-me-long-1-2bThrough my system of support, I have had the pleasure of helping many clients as well as family members with their daily struggles.  I have assisted a Muay Thai & MMA fighter to go pro, guiding her with her coach through the perfect harmony of sleep, nutrition and recovery.  I enjoyed working with loving mothers who are selfless and give every ounce of energy to their families at the expense of their own health.  These mothers come to me with eczema, psoriasis, feeling helpless and lost.  We go grocery shopping, make a plan, and work within the parameters and speed that is right for them.   It has been my pleasure to work in our community with retired and currently enlisted military men and women.  We have worked through PTSD and remaining health issues due to combat and an immense amount of training that could quickly (and often) leads to adrenal fatigue.


I have also assisted my mother through Gillian Barre Syndrome and working with her to quit smoking.  Adopting anti-inflammatory protocols to go into her Spinal Fusion surgery so she would have the best chances for optimal healing.  I have assisted my aunt’s life change (measurable through blood work as well as emotionally & physically) as she slowly works through what often seems like the perfect storm.  I have skin in the game!  For myself and my family.  I am enrolled in this life and you are all coming with me!

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