Bone Broth: Your Golden Ticket

Bone Broth: The Golden Ticket to a slimmer, healthier you!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor

If I were to hand you a golden ticket and guarantee you greater emotional control, hormonal balance, decision making with clarity, and precision, recovery, stress management, less inflammation, less digestive distress, symptomatic free life, greater health, and overall well being all in a simple cup of broth why wouldn’t you give this a shot?!

Bone broth is the MOST bio-available nutrient dense supplement on EARTH (in my humble opinion!) loaded with collagen, calcium, magnesium, (trace minerals and micro nutrients). Getting the ingredients, habit, and behaviors implemented may seem tedious at first and a little overwhelming.  I promise, after the first couple of times it’s really no big deal and the benefit is LIFE CHANGING!  I’m going to make it easy and thoughtless, which ever method you choose.  I’ll start by giving you some store bought options and follow it with the ingredients you need to make your own.  This will give you the options of seeing that there are several ways to get the nutrients you need to get started with homemade broth.  Making your own broth is the most cost efficient method.  Though time consuming, it is worth it.  I get it, you may have family, be pressed for time, have soccer practice, piano lessons, school pick up, work, house hold duties, errands, personal time (if you’re lucky)…..whew, just listing this out is exhausting but taking the time for making bone broth needs to be on you “to do” list too.   If making bone broth is not available to you or you just completely have no interested there are plenty of other ways to get these gut healing and miracle making nutrients.  I will discuss those options too.

Bone Broth is one of my favorite items to have on hand.  It is flavorful, cures all, can drink alone or as a soup stock, is great for inflammation or to fight infection.  These days you can buy it from several reputable sources.  $10 for a 10-12 oz bag.  This can be pretty pricey since it costs less than $10 to make a HUGE batch and keep some frozen for back stock if you make it.  If making it is not an option, check with your community of locally owned businesses, farmers’ markets, and local kitchens that may provide bone broth on tap, or pre-made to take home or for a home delivery.


Whole Foods, Publix, Trader Joes (just to name a few) or one of the many amazing farmer’s markets that take place every day of the week (depending on what side of the county you’re on), you can find pre-packaged bone broth in their freezer.  This is where you will need to use your discretion.  Look at the ingredients, where it’s made, how its sourced, where the bones come from, and batch numbers.  It should be clear!  If it’s not easy to find, don’t buy that brand.  It is that simple.


Petes Paleo has a meal delivery service.  He is a professionally trained courdeon bleu chef.  He sources all local ingredients and offers a “gut healing kit”.  You will receive broth, gummies, and great nutritional information right to your door.  In San Diego, another reputable local is Chef Lance owner of the BrotheryLook for people like this in your neighborhood.


If  you’re feeling that consuming bone broth in any manner is just NOT going to happen, no worries, there is something for you too!  Collagen is one of the biggest nutrient that we’re after in bone broth (at least that’s true for me).  Powdered collagen is portable, travels well and is just super easy to use!  BUBS Naturals is well sourced and 10% of its proceeds go to the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation.  (Learn more about that here). This collagen is TASTELESS, ORDERLESS and DISSOLVES in water, smoothies, coffee, or you can mix it in your meal, etc….

Another choice for collagen is “gelatin”.  This is where you can have some fun.  This form actually makes a “gel”.  I encourage you to buy fun little molds.  Go to Michael’s craft store and get small stars, hearts, footballs, or gummy bear shapes.  Make it a fun project with the family.  Don’t tell your kids what this actually is!  You can squeeze fresh lemon, lime, or any fruit flavor really.  I would encourage you to watch the fruit sugar though.  Throw in the fridge and you will have a supply of a nutrient dense vitamin at your fingertips.  You know EXACTLY what is in it.  It’s a way to connect with your family, have fun, and create a new healthy habit.


I’m sure there are multiple other forms and sources.  This is MY recommendations.  You can dive in to this rabbit hole or contact me for additional questions and information.


This is for EVERYONE!  You don’t have to be coming from a state of chronic distress and pain in order to take your health into your own hands.  This is a great way to introduce a low inflammatory protocol into your life if you are having surgery (of any kind).  Bone Broth is great for pre-op/post-op, gut healing, anti-inflammation, detoxing off of medications, and addiction because it is not contraindicated with other medications (that I know of, always speak with YOUR practitioner).


This is your golden ticket, remember?  WEIGHT LOSS, less bloating, reduced inflammation, better digestion, stronger nails, teeth and gums, quality sleep, and glowing skin.

I will often buy a whole chicken, roast it for guests and save the carcass for my broth.  The more variety you have of bones the more nutrient dense you broth will be and you can receive the health benefits desired.



  • Bones: Ox tail, carcass, marrow (yummy more expensive), chicken feet (YES so much collagen in those little guys), Knuckle bones
  • Himalayan salt
  • Couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • Slow cooker (12 to 24 hrs) or pressure cooker (1.5 hrs)

Yes, chicken feet. Know your source!

Optional to add YOUR own additions for hearty soup or flavor:

Spices for flavor.  Make your own combo:

  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Spices
  • Leeks
  • Carrots

I’ll often refer to my broth as “kitchen sink bone broth”.  I throw in any veggie and/or meat that I would like to simmer and cook while making the broth.  Knock out some cooking while I’m at it.

Choose your ingredients.  You will use a separate pan or an oven setting on your cooker to sear/brown the bones with the salt and apple cider vinegar.  This will open up the pours and allow the minerals to be released. It gets more of the nutrients out.

My pressure cooker (Instant Pot) has multiple settings.  I set it to saute on high heat to sear the bones with the apple cider vinegar (just a couple tablespoons, or less) and a mineral dense sea salt. This opens up the pours on your bones and allows all of those minerals to make their way out to your broth.  Once nice and brown (including any fat and meat clinging onto the bones) add any additional veggies and spices and fill with water to just cover the bones. Change the setting to pressure cook (high).  On this setting you will have high quality, homemade bone broth in a couple hours.  The Instant Pot will AUTOMATICALLY go to “warm” after the cook time is finished.  Be sure to follow the instructions on your cooker and allow the steam to vent through the release valve.  If you own an Instant Pot, you know what I’m talking about.  If you own a slow cooker.  Instructions are very similar; the settings will change.  I am happy to help you out with that.  Contact me here and I’m happy to assist!

Your house will smell AMAZING!  You don’t need to check it.  The pressure or slow cooker will keep count of cook time and staying warm.


Remove the entirety of the crock pot and strain out the liquid into a large container.   Allow it to cool. You now have the most nutrient dense broth on earth! I let it get to room temp and then separate the batch into smaller containers.  I keep out what I will use and freeze the excess.  As your broth cools it will form a layer of fat on the top.  There are mixed reviews on what to do with this.  There is some concern by some that it may not be super healthy due to the oxidation that MAY take place being under such high temperature for so long.  It will be so dense that you can pull it off the top.  I like to cook with it.  I find it flavorful and nutritious.  Don’t feel wrong if it doesn’t appeal to you to use it.  My ma says it’s a little too greasy feeling for her to use.  Pitch it.

Your broth may also turn a little gelatinous, just as the gummies we discussed previously.  You can scoop it into a cup and pour hot water over it (to dilute) for a nice cup of broth any time of day.  It could replace your coffee.

What about all those veggies and extras you cooked alongside your broth?  Scoop them out, eat them!  Create meals!  Puree the veggies to create a thick soup. Use this as a base for the night’s meal and tomorrow’s lunch.  Cook up some salmon, scallops, shrimp, shredded beef, etc…  Make a chili, fish soup, add coconut milk/cream (not the stuff that comes out of the containers). Place your meat you cooked in containers.  REUSE your bones!  I reuse, adding new ones to the mix until the broth no longer holds it density.  I usually don’t reuse more than 2 times.  The bones start to disintegrate (which I also don’t mind and mix it in my food. Not necessarily recommended).

What to expect if you can stick with it 4 weeks later: CHANGES YOU CAN EXPECT

Please don’t misunderstand me.  You CAN NOT continue to eat bagels, cake, 3 glasses of wine each night and expect to see any immediate changes.  I do GUARANTEE, that if you make a few adjustments in your food choices overall in addition to this new found healthy habit you WILL see changes you may never have expected. You can expect weight loss, less bloating, low inflammation, relief of some arthritic symptoms (less ache), quality sleep, feel rested, recovered body and mind, greater clarity, and/or hormonal balance.

Why would you choose to live any other way?   Getting into the habit of a new routine takes time.  This new way of “being” no longer takes energy or any thought.

Make decisions that are in alignment with your purpose.  Go into MASSIVE action and design the life you want to live.  Put on your big girl panties and just freaking do it!  You never really know how good you could feel until you allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone.

“Some” changes you’ll see within days.  Others, over time.  Think of this as part of your new way of being.  You will need to remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint.  Just as any changes, you will see things shift over time.  Don’t be discouraged if it’s not immediate.  I encourage you to stick with it!

If I offered you a golden ticket, why would you choose any other way to live?  Bone broth is not the end all, be all.  What it IS, is the first step.  One new behavior.  If this doesn’t interest you, lets discover just one new healthy habit that serves YOU!  There is NO dogmatic approach to health.  We are all unique, ever changing, biological beings.  Embrace that and lets find a way to optimize how you feel and look, together!

9 days to healing: 14 days to feeling slimmer: 21 days to creating new habits.

Make this so easy you can’t fail!

Stay strong.  Stay healthy.  Stay focused!



Need help creating your broth?

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AUTHOR: Danielle Gordon
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